Lawrence, Stam combine to win golf course’s Oktoberfest

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LAGC: Duo wins tournament over Balice/Rau

By The Staff

The duo of Jim Lawrence/John Stam rolled to a big victory at the Los Alamos Golf Course’s Oktoberfest tournament.
The tournament was held this weekend at LAGC. Teams of two were selected by blind draw with the two net scores for the players combined to calculate the teams’ totals.
Lawrence/Stam finished with a net total of 129, topping runner-up team Randy Balice/Jon Rau by 10 shots. Lawrence had a net 63 and Stam finished with a net 66 to win the tournament going away.
Oktoberfest is the final big event of the year at the golf course.

Here are the results from LAGC’s Oktoberfest.

Jim Lawrence/John Stam, 129
Randy Balice/Jon Rau, 139
Don Branch/Young Nilsen, 140
Jon Gordon/Alma Sondreal, 141
Jeff Brown/Jonathan Osden, 141
Jeanne Ball/Kenny Walker, 141
Ken Koch/Larry Strieff, 143
Art Brown/Mark Sandoval, 143
Jim Liberty/Gerry Sondreal, 144
Ev Griggs/Don Rokop, 144
Brian Fearey/Ron Reed, 144
Sarah Buehrer/Bruce Norman, 145
Drew Martinson/Marry Reed, 146
Carmen Chavez/Larry Rich, 146
Bob Visel/Chris Ortega, 147
Randy Drake/John Park, 147
James Keane/Barbara Schmitt, 147
Tom Marshall/Ellen Stallings, 148
Cale Jones/Sue Rokop, 149
Myron Koop/Min Park, 149
Cliff Fortgang/Eric Rich, 150
Marti Hill/Eddie Sanchez, 150
Terry Burge/Anna Swertfeger, 151
Ted Ball/Kristy Ortega, 153
Lisa Harris/Tami Martinson, 153
Gary MacDonald/Dennis McCloskey, 153
Kurt Anast/Dexter Sutherland, 154
Greg Juerling/Mark Rosenberger, 154
Anne Graves/Gary Rich, 154
Darren Knox/Karen Rau, 156
Bill Bryant/Tom McLean, 158
Margot Liberty/Tom Swertfeger, 162
Mark Harris/Mark Summers, 163
Jamie Aslin/Andy Trottier, 165