LAPS' planning was poor with renovations

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This is responding to an article about Los Alamos schools renovating two schools and not planning ahead. First, if they knew about the renovations, schedule, and work to be done, then the schools should be able to accommodate the kids.
I attended school when there were two junior high schools. At that time, Pueblo was closed and Cumbres became Los Alamos Middle School. Many schools have been closed and leased to other entities, mostly Los Alamos National Laboratory. While the schools provide much needed space by LANL, the schools could also be using the space, yet, because they have it all leased, it is a dilemma.
Due to lack of planning and foresight, they are now pondering the question of how to accommodate the kids when they return to school. While I grew up there, this was never a problem. The two schools I attended ended up closing down--both were excellent schools. I also heard that the LAHS does not have a cafeteria.
Really? Why? Some kids stick around for lunch and a cafeteria is important to ensuring kids get lunch--I don’t think crossing the street and getting food from the local gas station qualifies as good nutrition. Based on what I have seen and heard,my son benefited when we moved from Los Alamos.
Jackie Kolakowski
Papillion, Neb.