LAPS Foundation gives another $16,000 to local schools

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By The Staff

The Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation will give another $16,000 to schools starting this month.

This fall, the foundation accepted applications from district teachers requesting funds for classroom resources, professional development and books.

In total, the foundation received nearly 40 applications requesting more than $60,000.

A committee comprised of LAPS Foundation board members reviewed the proposals and made the decision of how to allocate the available funds.

The grants fall into the following three categories: Great Ideas, Professional Development and Professional Book Groups.

Grants are awarded to Los Alamos Public School teachers twice a year, in the fall and again in the spring.

The majority of the total money requested was in the form of Professional Development Grants. Eight teachers from across the district and in different disciplines were selected to receive funding from the LAPS Foundation to attend conferences and seminars around the country. In addition, the LAHS Professional Development Task Force received a grant to provide opportunities available to all high school teachers to engage in mini-workshops, host online peer-discussions centered on educational articles, and lead and organize staff activities.

The last type of grants is for professional book groups. These grants pay for books so that teachers and administrators can learn about and discuss new ideas in education via book groups. This fall, the LAPS Foundation was able to support all four requests for professional book groups at three schools.

Since its inception in 2005, the LAPS Foundation has infused more than $1 million into Los Alamos Public Schools to fund opportunities and materials for students, provide professional development for district educators, defray operating expenses, and assist with capital improvements to enrich learning environments in the Los Alamos public schools.