LAPS is beginning to look like slumlords

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By Joel M. Williams

I opened Thursday’s Monitor and read where the LAPS administration is getting comfortable in its new nest. Was I surprised to find out that the nest is a “building from owner Elmo C de Baca with the intent to buy it.”

More taxable property out of the tax bucket. Silly me; I thought my tax dollars had just been spent to provide them with spanking new pads in upscale “Pajarito Cliffs.” Oh, those digs are just for the worker bees; not the higher ups.

What strikes me stranger is why LAPS needs any more building space at all. It is my impression that they own either the first or second most building square footage in the county (outside the lab). They rent this property to others (even the lab, who is required to have the property meet certain standards), but what they own is not good enough for them to house their own offices. Makes them look like absentee slumlords, don’t you think?

So, while they plead for a helping hand from us taxpayers to take care of property for LA youngsters in training (always a soft-touch request), they are out buying more fixer-uppers to give them something they can live in. I remember when I was glad to have an office in a cubicle in the windowless basement of the CMR-building with a beat-up old desk and floppy rocker. Yep, silly me. Guess my priorities are a bit sober to the new-world thinkers of today.

Joel M. Williams

Los Alamos