LAPD seeking tagger in White Rock

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By Carol A. Clark

Police are closing in on “Fatso” — the tagger trashing White Rock. Fatso started defacing buildings and other structures throughout the community in recent weeks with a string of “Phatty Loco” and “Sur 13” graffiti.

Det. Doug Johnson in an interview Thursday explained that this individual’s spray painting spree is responsible for hundreds of dollars worth of damage.

“We want to catch this person as soon as possible and are asking the community to help,” Johnson said. “Crime Stoppers is offering a $250 reward to anyone who can provide us with information leading to the arrest and conviction of this tagger.”

Fatso is suspected of spraying “Phatty Loco” and “13 Sur” in blue paint on a building at 115 Longview, on the windows and rear wall of a building at 120 Longview, the restrooms at Rocket Park on Sherwood Boulevard and a sign near La Senda and Piedra Loop.

Callers providing police with information about Fatso or any other taggers or other crimes may remain anonymous, Johnson said.

Call Crime Stoppers at 662-8232.