LANS selects CSNI for telecommunications support

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CNSI last week announced it has been selected by Los Alamos National Security LLC (LANS) to continue its work providing telecommunications support and related services at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).
LANS has managed operations at the laboratory since 2006 and CNSI was selected in 2008 to support telecommunications at the laboratory. As part of the service contract, CNSI supports the laboratory’s efforts to utilize the latest technology in its communications system, with special emphasis toward a LANL-wide conversion to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Recently, CNSI was awarded a new 3 year contract with 1 base year and 2 additional option years to continue the telecommunications support.
As part of the telecommunication support to LANS, CNSI has operated LANL’s switching offices, maintained hundreds of miles of transmission and distribution facilities and provided comprehensive customer support to one of the Department of Energy’s largest and most significant science and technology institutions.
“Los Alamos National Laboratory is widely recognized as a backbone to our nation’s research, science and national security and CNSI’s continuing efforts will assist in positioning LANL as one of the most secure and efficient facilities in the world,” said Adnan Ahmed, president of CNSI. “We have supported Los Alamos in a number of accomplishments and we will continue to provide the cutting-edge products and services to meet the needs of our latest joint technological efforts.”
CNSI was officially selected to continue servicing Los Alamos National Laboratory in September 2013. CNSI was also nominated by LANS for the DOE Small Business of the Year award.