LANL to unveil new research journal

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A new research journal in the burgeoning field of algae science will begin publication in 2012, steered by editors-in-chief José Olivares and Richard Sayre of Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Algal Research is an international journal that will cover all areas of emerging technologies in algal biology, biomass production, cultivation, harvesting, extraction, bioproducts, and econometrics. The journal publishes original scientific research papers, review articles, and invited commentaries.
“I am extremely honored to work with Dick Sayre and the Elsevier Publishing team in the startup of this journal,” said Olivares. “Based on the initial reaction from the community, a dedicated journal in algal research and biofuels development is well overdue. We aim to meet this need with high-quality, peer-reviewed scientific research from around the world.”
Some of the topics covered will include:
• Phylogeny of microalgae for biofuels
• Traits of microalgae for biofuel
• Metabolic regulation
•Cultivating phototrophic systems in open ponds
• New conversion technologies for algal biomass
•Technoeconomic modeling of algal biofuels systems.