LANL to host opening ceremony for RLUOB

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The Los Alamos National Laboratory is having a opening ceremony for the Radiological Laboratory Utility Office building Thursday.

And the public is not invited.

Joni Arends from Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety wrote the following email to Lorrie Bonds Lopez, who is in charge of community outreach for LANL.

“Good afternoon,
We understand that there will be a formal ribbon cutting at the RLUOB on June 14th.  The Interested Parties to the CMRR Air Permit Settlement Agreement, therefore, respectfully request an invitation for each of the Interested Parties to attend the ribbon cutting.  We look forward to receiving invitations to attend.

Bonds responded that she would forward Arends’ request to the team responsible for the ribbon cutting ceremony.
A couple of hours later, Bonds responded to Arends with this email.

To follow up on your request, the event is envisioned as an internal thank-you and celebration of LEED certification for the project team and others who played a role in its success.  It will be closed to the public.
Best regards,

The Los Alamos Monitor has made a request to the lab communications office in an effort to get a photo from the ribbon cutting.