LANL employee will head to district court

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Courts > Shouting, pushing ensued in confrontation, documents say

By The Staff

A 51-year-old Abiquiu man allegedly threatened two employees at Los Alamos National Laboratory when he allegedly failed a drug test will be heading to district court, according to court documents.
In late March, following a conversation about testing positive for cocaine, Leroy E. Maestas, 51, allegedly threatened one employee and assaulted another at LANL’s personnel security office.
According to an employee who accompanied him to the office, Maestas “looked sad and very stressed.” Shortly after his meeting with a personnel security office supervisor, Maestas allegedly walked out of the meeting, saying to the employee who accompanied him that he wanted to leave.
When the employee tried to stop him under orders of the personnel security office supervisor, Maestas allegedly pushed him into a wall and started yelling at him.
“Get me out of here! Get me out of here now or I’m going to kill/hurt somebody!” Maestas allegedly said, according to the court documents.
Maestas then allegedly went back toward the supervisor’s office with “clenched fists.”
The supervisor then said to let Maestas go and the employee that Maestas allegedly pushed offered Maestas a ride back to his personal car so Maestas could leave.
On the way there, Maestas allegedly made more threats.
“No one talks to me that way. These guys may think they control things up here (Los Alamos), but they do not control things outside of this town. I do not know where they live but I will find them,” Maestas allegedly said.
The personnel security office supervisor as well as the employee that drove Maestas back to his car after the confrontation said to police that they feared Maestas may “come after them” and that the personnel security officer was “concerned about Maestas returning to LANL to do harm to himself or others.”
In his court appearance Tuesday, Maestas’ scheduled pre-trial hearing was continued to an unspecified date.