LAMS raises funds with game-show based competition

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

The Los Alamos Middle School Hawks had spirits soaring as they participated in, A Minute to Win It, with Assets In Action, just prior to spring break.
    The LAMS Student Council, under the direction of teacher, Linda Bennett, sold tickets, staffed activities and motivated the troops.
“Thanks to the efforts of the Student Council and Assets In Action, all I had to do was say that Minute to Win It was going to happen and secure a date and time,” Principal Rex Kilburn said, “Student Council did a fabulous job coordinating, Ms. Bennett should be very pleased with the work she has done with her Student Council students.”
    The idea, based on the NBC television summer hit, with host Guy Fieri was used to support the staff recognition event known as the Hawk Hubba Bubba Award.
    “The fact that the funds raised go back into an account to celebrate staff underscores and emphasizes the great kids that attend the middle school,” Kilburn said, “All of the adults that work at the middle school are lucky to work with such individuals.”
    The Kilburn crew rose to the challenge when students purchased tickets for 25 cents, for self or staff, to earn a chance to play.
Band Director, Danny Finn, teacher, Allen Thomas, Coach and teacher Pat Brousseau, Vice Principal, Anna Vargas-Gutierrez and Kilburn himself took part in events called Noodling Around, the Chocolate Unicorn and the Cookie Face Race, competing alongside students, in a best of the best.
Naomi Unger demonstrated mad skills in a game called Hanky Panky, where players must use only one hand to pull 100 tissues from a box, in the allotted time.
The Community Asset Award winning, Claire Swinhoe returned to the Hawk’s homestead, to be the perfect announcer for the 45 minute free for all.
The beguiling, Basingstoke born Brit has captivated hearts since arriving on this side of the pond and is a role model and good deed doer for all that know and love her.
This was her second time behind the Minute To Win It microphone, with rumors of a follow up performance slated for this summer.
“Student Council members had a great time preparing for the assembly,” said the Hubba Bubba Award winning, teacher and Student Council staffer, Linda Bennett. “LAMS students and staff had a blast at the Minute To Win It assembly. It was such a perfect end to the last day before spring break, that we all want to make it an annual tradition.”
The $68.25 fee raised will continue the weekly effort of recognizing those staff members who Help Us Build Better Assets.
The fun continues this summer as Time Out Pizza in White Rock, will host similar events. The June 3, July 1 and Aug. 5 Minute To Win It events will take place as part of the Chamber of Commerce Community Matters initiative, to build relationships with families and local businesses, while supporting the Assets.