LAMS Native Hawks celebrate Feast Day at UNM-LA

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Last week, the Los Alamos Middle School Native Hawks celebrated a Feast Day, as Native American Heritage month came to an end.

Throughout the month, students attended a special gathering at the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos, to spend time with Native poets and potters. The artisans shared their talents and backgrounds inspiring young students for the future.

The Native Hawks “Rocked their Mocs,” and spent the early portion of the month fundraising for a school project.

Students sold turquoise ribbons and scented pencils to raise $200 to share their culture with their fellow hawks. Several local residents were inspired by their efforts and made  donations to support their work.

The fundraising was not to benefit their club directly, but to create awareness of local cultures for their fellow students.

A Feast Day would give a real world learning opportunity to all hawks as they came together to sample cuisine.

The Native Hawks raised the funds to hire Chef Norma Naranjo to bake Native American items to share. Narano of, The Feasting Place, baked Indian cookies, Horno Bread and Pies that arrived fresh in the morning, straight from the Okay Owingeh, also called the San Juan Pueblo. Her husband Hutch and master of the horno, is from the Santa Clara Puebo.

The seventh- and eighth-grade students spent four lunch periods allowing everyone to sample. The horno pies came in prune and apple and the horno bread was able to be sampled with or without homemade peach preserves. Naranjo also prepared Indian cookies from her very own recipe. The hand cut cookies were made into the shapes of red and green chiles and students could select the color of their choice.

The items were shared throughout the school. One special member of the Native Hawks club is

Eliseo Valdez. Valdez happens to be the grandson of Naranjo.

To learn more about the Native Chef on The Feasting Place Facebook page.