LALT presents 'Go Back for Murder'

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Painter murdered, wife suspected

By Special to the Monitor

Editor’s note: This story and the following story are part of a series introducing the characters featured in Agatha Christie’s “Go Back For Murder” production at Los Alamos Little Theater.

Los Alamos Little Theatre’s “Go Back For Murder” is more than an Agatha Christie novel, it consists of interesting and intriguing characters. It is my job as the narrator, Hercule Poirot, to introduce you to the suspects — I mean characters — who make up this play.
In this series of whodunit articles presented over the next several days, select characters will tell you about themselves, the murder of the painter and their thoughts about the culprit.
For me, Hercule Poirot, this little play is merely an exercise in deductive reasoning. As a detective, can I solve a mystery by listening to the testimony of the witnesses, many years after the fact of the crime?
My job is to guide the audience on a verbal tour of the methods of detection. It is up to the other characters in the play to solve the mystery for the audience. I am Virgil to the audience’s Dante.
I will help the audience pick out key clues as the scenes unfold, but I will not assist in the deduction. It is the requirement of each audience member to use his or her own deductive reasoning to solve the mystery. See if you can solve it before I do.  
So, what is the mystery? A murder of course! It seems that Carla’s mother was convicted of the murder. While dying in prison, the mother wrote to the daughter indicating her innocence.
The daughter is seeking to prove her mother’s innocence. She has returned to Great Britain to learn what she can of the time when her father died. She will interview a number of witnesses and see if she can deduce the truth.