LAHS senior is accused of threatening coach, student

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Public safety > Total of six charges levied for incident at Griffith Gymnasium

Los Alamos High School student Andres Dow, 18, was recently summoned to Magistrate Court for allegedly harassing and bullying another student, as well as threatening a school employee with bodily harm.
Dow was also immediately suspended from school because of his actions.
According to parents of Dow’s 14-year-old alleged victim, Dow started showing up at the victim’s basketball practice “just to stare at him, which made (the victim) very anxious,” read a statement in the police report.
As time went on, Dow allegedly escalated his harassment, and directly confronted his victim. The victim also said that whenever he would leave the campus for lunch, Dow would be allegedly be waiting for him, and Dow would just continue to stare at him.
According to the police report, the victim tried to move away from Dow, but Dow continued to follow him around the gym no matter where he went.
Things came to a head on another day when Dow allegedly grabbed the victim by the shoulders, pinned him up against a wall and told the victim to keep away from his girlfriend. When the victim attempted to escape, Dow, who is 5-foot-8 and weighs 140 pounds, allegedly blocked him, at one point grabbing him by the arm in an attempt to drag him outside “so they could fight without being at the school.”
When the victim finally escaped from Dow’s grasp, the victim went directly to a coach’s office and told the coach what happened. However, Dow followed him in, and an argument ensued that ended with Dow yelling profanities and challenged the coach to a fight as well, even as the coach told Dow to leave the gym because he was disrupting basketball practice.
“You wanna go?” let’s fight!” Dow allegedly said to the coach. When interviewed by police, the coach told them that he thought Dow really was going to hit him.
Police also noted that the coach and Dow’s victim appeared to be “visibly shaken” by the incident.
As a result of the police investigation, Dow was issued six criminal citations. They included, harassment, for “pursuit and intimidation, causing great alarm;” battery, for allegedly shoving his victim; false imprisonment for allegedly restraining and restricting the movement of his victim; interfering with members of school staff, for allegedly refusing to leave the gym when he was asked to and being disorderly assault on school personnel, for alleged “menacing behavior” that placed a school official in fear of being assaulted and disorderly conduct and for alleged violent, profane and “unreasonably loud” behavior.
Superintendent of Schools Gene Schmidt did not want to comment on this specific incident, but did say that in general, the school system takes a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to similar type of behavior.
“It is the practice of the school system to be very responsive to complaints about bullying or actions of students or individuals that put others at risk,” he said.
Before Dow was suspended, he was a senior and a varsity running back on the Hilltopper football team.
It is unclear what his status as a player will be when and if he is allowed back at school. Dow has also been prohibited from attending any school-related functions or school activities.
Dow’s next magistrate court appearance is a preliminary hearing Feb. 10.