LAHS school supply wish list

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The Los Alamos High School ’Topper Parent Organization is for parents who would like to be involved, to help ensure the best possible educational experience at LAHS. For more information about the TPO, visit laschools.net/LAHS/committeesandorganizations/tpo.
One of the ongoing activities of the LAHS TPO is to present a list of items requested by LAHS staff to meet or enhance educational needs. Parents, community groups and individuals are encouraged to donate.
Drop off items at the LAHS front office with a note indicating which department and to whom you would like the donation directed.  
The following items have been requested:
All departments
and staff
• Kleenex

Attendance/bookkeeping, attention:
Maire O’Neill
• Kleenex (12)

Biology, attention: Stephanie Mitchell
• Kleenex
• Stapler
• Electronic pencil
• Dry erase markers
• Construction paper
• Plastic rulers (10)
• Dish drying rack
and mat for cleaning lab

Chemistry, attention: Rachel Cowan
• Kleenex
• Re-fillable scotch tape
dispensers (2 or 3)
• Wide clear packaging
tape, refills are fine
• Gift card to Smith’s for
chemistry consumables
(any amount
• Cardstock paper (any
color, any size)
• 3 X 5 Index cars (any

Chemistry, attention: Joane Ploeger
• Kleenex
• Dry erasers
• Markers
• Clipboards
• Composition
• One-subject college
ruled notebooks
• Rulers (cm)
• Sticky notes

Chemistry, attention: Kathleen Boerigter
• Kleenex
• $25 gift cards from
Smith’s (2-3) for cups,
sugar, salt and other
• Disposable gloves

ELL, attention:
Michele Burke
• Kleenex
• Large and small paper
clips (any kind)
• White boad liquid/
spray cleaner
• Clorox-type cleaning
wipes (any brand)
• Paper towels
• Paperback Spanish/
English dictionaries (3)
• Paperback Chinese/
English dictionaries (2)

English Department, attention: Margo Batha or Catherine Puranananda
• Kleenex
• Gift cards to Otowi
Station Bookstore for
purchasing books for
classroom libraries, AP
books for students who
lack the resources, and
teacher professional

German, attention: Anita Boshier
• Kleenex
• White board pens
• Dry erase markers (for
mini white boards)
• Clorox wipes
• Pack of different
colored poster board

IMC, attention: Linda Walter or Ken Holmes
• Kleenex (plenty - IMC
gets more traffic than
most classrooms)
• Glue sticks
• Pens/pencils (new or
• Large rolls of colored
butcher paper
• Laminating film rolls
for laminating machines

Literature and Composition 9, attention: Stephanie Hailey
• Kleenex
• “The Little Prince by
Antoine de Saint
Exupery” in English
(150 students so any
would be great)
• Dry erase markers
• Composition note
• Pencils
• Index cards (any size,
any color)

Math, attention: Judy Nekimken
• Kleenex
• 4-function calculators
(non-scientific, no trig
• White board markers
(various colors)
• Dependable
mechanical pencils

Math, attention: John Pawlak
• Kleenex
• A good compass:  One
that accurately points
 • Binder dividers:  The
plastic inserts you put
into a 3-ring binder to
separate out different
sections of work.
• Poker chips
• Three-hole
paper:  Wide-lined
3-hole punched paper.
• Fun erasers and other
fun trinkets: Anything
that would make a nice
(cheap) prize
• Logic games:  The
“Set” card game, the
“Rush Hour” game, peg
• Astrolabe
• Scope

School of Choice,
attention: Whitney Pomeroy
• Kleenex
• TI-83 Plus calculators

Science, attention:
Katie Tauxe
• Kleenex
• 3-hole punch
• Markers (for projects,
not white board)

Wellness Department, attention: Terry Hiller
• Kleenex
• Detergent to wash
borrowed uniforms,
towels and to clean
cardio and strength
• Pencils for quizzes,
work out sheets and
• Simple Green (a
gallon) to clean
• CR2430 batteries (2
dozen) for heart rate
• White hand towels (2