LAHS Debate Team celebrates successes

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The Los Alamos Speech and Debate Team have a lot to be proud of. Not only are they one of the most successful groups at Los Alamos High School, but they recently qualified and had a fair number of alternate positions in the National Speech and Debate tournament.
The current sponsors of the group, Margo Batha and Noel Trujillo, beam like proud parents.
Batha has been sponsoring the team for roughly three years and throughout it all, her team has not once disappointed. This year especially, attendance at the National Tournament by Los Alamos residents has the potential to reach unusually high numbers. Andy Zhao, junior and Horace Zhang, junior, who only started debating together this school year, have already secured a position in the Public Forum area, while Nathan Clements, a junior and Sam Baty, sophomore, took first alternative in Policy.
Myles Gurule, junior and Miriam Barnum, junior, took second alternative in the same event. The speech part of the team is also well represented by junior Mireya Bouquin, who is an alternate in the Humorous Interpretation section.
Setting aside current successes, the team still remembers to celebrate older ones. Junior Vickie Wang still considers the Nationals last year, as her favorite debate of all time. Senior Sky Korber still remembers his first debate tournament, in which he also remembers not doing as well as he would have liked.
Even Batha has some very pleasant memories. When asked to share one of her favorites, she said, “Probably those long bus rides to the state tournament in Hobbs, watching ‘Mean Girls.’ ”
Of course, she had to be tested on whether or not she was a true ‘Mean Girls’ fan. When asked to share a ‘Mean Girls’ quote, with the help of some debaters, she answered: “The limit does not exist,” finding it to be the most appropriate quote for the situation, because “there is no limit on this team.”

Teen Pulse Staff Writer Madalina Ciuca is a junior at Los Alamos High School.