Lady Gaga was 'Born This Way' and endured

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The stadium is dark, with the exception of the glow of phones and cameras ready to take her picture. The crowd is hushed with anticipation and excitement. Then, the beats echo over the speakers and the crowd starts screaming. Lights start to flash and huge screens flicker on. She steps out onto stage and her powerful, phenomenal, perfect voice rings around the stadium. The crowd is illuminated and thousands of people are jumping up and down in outrageous costumes, all inspired by her.
That’s right, Lady Gaga is performing at Madison Square Garden. Her fans, including myself, were able to see it on television.
Since Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga or Mama Monster, was young, she wanted to be a star. Her mother would often take her to Madison Square Garden to see performances.
Every time Stefani was there, she dreamed of being the one dancing and singing on that stage. “I used to dream that one day I’d see my name in lights,” she said at her show. Now she has seen just that; not just in New York, but all over the world.
Stefani has a beautiful voice and is not afraid to use it. She has an amazing vocal range. Not only does she have phenomenal vocal abilities, but she is able to do full-power dancing while singing at her shows without making her voice falter the slightest bit.
Her dancing consists of original and complicated synchronized choreography performed with others on stage. She has the remarkable ability to dance better than even some professional dancers in shoes that most people could not take even a single step in, outfits that are usually made of rubber or stiff fabric that make dancing extremely difficult, and for quite a few hours straight.
Lady Gaga knows how to put on a show. She tells the people to scream, dance and sing, and the crowd responds. She often puts a storyline into her whole show, amazing people with out-of-this-world props like pianos made of pipes, fake cars, giant monsters and guitars in the shape of rockets. These types of props and her diverse outfits usually are the flesh of the arguments of people who do not like Lady Gaga.
A show, though, is nothing without craziness and good ideas. Ooohs and Ahhs are easily expostulated when steam clears from a stage and something amazing appears. Along with the reason that she is a great dancer and singer, people go and see her shows because you can see nothing else exactly like it.
People want a show  they will remember all  their lives. Lady Gaga’s shows achieve exactly that.
Her dancing matches the rhythm of the song perfectly so she is able to take breaths between moves, allowing her voice to remain stable during the routine. At her shows, she changes outfits in seconds while guzzling down an energy drink at the same time, then emerges on the stage clad with outrageous instruments and accessories.
Lady Gaga cannot only sing, but she also plays the piano, and is very good at it. She is a phenomenal songwriter.
Even though Germanotta may currently have fame, fortune and talent, it was not easy to get there. Critics can only blame her for her outrageousness in a certain moment, the things she wears and the lyrics to her songs, but few stop to think about her road to fame.
Lady Gaga did not just decide to become Lady Gaga, but she dreamed of it all of her life. She worked at her dream since she was little, only to be put down time after time.
She told a curious audience about what her theater teachers used to tell her, “You’re never going to play the heroine, and you’re never going to play the blonde, you know. You’re never going to play the ingénue, you’re never going to be the main character, you’re never going to be the star because you have dark hair and you’re too ethnic.”
She told her fans about her lifelong struggle to achieve a dream that no one else seemed to recognize, “And I would pray and I would dream that someday one person would believe in me.”
Not only was it difficult to work her way to stardom, but she also had difficulty in high school with her own self-confidence. She opened up to the audience, not afraid to show her struggles.
“I used to get bullied a lot in school by these really awful girls who weighed about thirty pounds less than I did,” she said. “And it used to make me feel really bad about myself.”
The crowd was silent. To all her fans, Lady Gaga is an inspiration, and rather than putting them down with that statement, she inspired them to be themselves even more than ever before. And following that, she gave them confidence to stand up to all of their problems, “I am here to tell you that someday you will have a stage upon which to stand and sing and dance on in front of all those who bullied you before.”
With that, the crowd gave a deafening cheer.
Lady Gaga’s past struggles show in her lyrics. She does not make songs just for the stardom, but she composes them to show the world that her job is not just about making money, fame, or fans, but to show the world who the person she really is and has been all of her life.
In her recently released song, “Born This Way” she sings about how everyone, including herself, should strive to show their independence, rather than to hide it: “I’m beautiful in my way…I must be myself… don’t hide yourself in regret, just love yourself and you’re set…” and, “Whether life’s…left you outcast, bullied, or teased, rejoice and love yourself today.” And she continues this message throughout the song, “No matter, gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgendered life…”
The most important line in “Born This Way,” is most remembered in Lady Gaga’s song, and describes her best out of all statements, “I’m on the right track, baby, I was born this way, hey.”
And no matter how much criticism she receives, or how many attacks she receives on her personality, she knows who she is, and her fans know who she is. She is the face of bravery, freedom, emotion, beauty, and stardom.
That is right. She was born this way.

--Alexandra Hehlen