Ladino shares love of history with students

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By Ben Hanlon, Teen Pulse staff

Robyn Ladino, a New Mexico and United States history teacher at Los Alamos High School, grew up as an “Air Force brat.”
“I lived in many different places as a child,” Ladino said. “During my lifetime I have moved to new places 14 times, including 22 different homes. Each new place had a history with unique characteristics.”
She explained that the experiences of living in so many places influenced her desire to teach students about the world around them. Ladino wanted to teach history because she believes the study of history allows people to learn from their past, manage their present and hopefully make their future promising.
When asked about the importance of students’ understanding the founding fathers framing of the United States Constitution, Ladino said, “I believe students must apply their knowledge and understanding of the U.S. Constitution as up-and-coming responsible citizens. Students need a clear understanding of their rights under the Constitution in order to make sound responsible decisions within our democracy as they move toward becoming adults.”
In regards to New Mexico history, Ladino said students need this history knowledge because New Mexico is a very unique state, unlike any other in terms of beauty, magnificent diversity and dynamic history.
Aside from teaching, Ladino said she likes to bike and walk, read and watch classic movies. When asked about sports, Ladino said, “I like to watch football with my family. I like both the National Football League and college football.”
One of Ladino’s favorite teams is the Washington Redskins. She likes music that moves her and the music her children play in the LAHS Hilltopper band. To relax, Ladino said, “If I can get to the ocean every couple of years, I am happy.”
Ladino has taught at LAHS in the past and said she is happy teaching there again. “I am enjoying my classes and the students. I am impressed and inspired by my students everyday. I learn from them and they give me new perspectives,” Ladino said.
For students interested in becoming teachers, “I would tell students who want to become teachers to go for it!”