LACW and LAHS singers to join forces

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By Kirsten Laskey

An upcoming concert features collaboration not only between two musical entities but also multiple generations.

The Los Alamos Community Winds and the Los Alamos High School choirs are joining forces to perform Carol Orff’s “Carmina Burana” at 7 p.m. May 22 at Duane Smith Auditorium.

Not only are high school students taking part in this community concert, three teenagers are stepping into the spotlight as solo singers.

Sophomore Bob Collom is one of the soloists. He will perform a movement titled “Tempus Sest Iocundum.” Collom described this movement as being fun. “It’s really fun,” he said. “It’s not a serious, intense solo.”

Collom said it is his first time performing with the community winds and he is excited to share the stage with the ensemble. “I am kind of excited,” Collom said. “It’s my first solo with the high school choir and so it’s cool to get (a solo) and sing it on this scale.”

Senior Yasmeen Lookman is another soloist for the concert. She will sing “In Trutina.”

“It’s very beautiful,” Lookman said about her piece. “It’s slower than most of the movements in the work. Slow and kind of sorrowful but it’s beautiful.”

She added, “I am excited to be singing with the (ensemble) and to be accompanied by them.”  

Senior Chesney Clark will perform the movement, “Duldissime.” She said the piece has incredible range for a first soprano and although it’s a short piece, it is also challenging.

“I look forward to interacting with the orchestra that is playing … and also just being  able to sing by myself senior year is a really cool thing,” Clark said.

Each of these singers possesses a lot of experience already on their resumes.

Collom commented he has been singing since he was 9 years old. This is his first year in the high school choir.

“It’s really a fun outlet,” Collom said. “I enjoy singing so much. It’s one of my favorite ways to express myself.”

Lookman, meanwhile, has sung for about six years.

 “I just really enjoy it,” she said. “I think the voice is a most natural and beautiful instrument and I am really happy I can sing.”

Clark commented she has sung all her life and has been involved in the high school choir for two years.

She explained people have complimented her on her voice and as a result, she decided to join the high school choir and see what happened. One day during class, Clark said she started singing high notes and the director, Paula Nichols, said Clark should sing soprano.

To get a soloist spot in the performance, Clark said they had to audition for Nichols and Michael Gyurik, a music teacher at LAHS.  

Each soloist said they are eager to show off their talents during the upcoming concert.

“I think people should really go because it is such as a big production we’re putting on and there’s so many people involved,” Collom said. “All the high school choirs are performing. It’s just a big effort. “‘Carmina Burana’ is such a famous piece. It’s really intense and cool that we’re all doing this.”

“I was excited because this is going to be a big production. It’s kind of an honor to get a solo because a lot of people are going to be involved and a lot of people auditioned,” Lookman said. Clark added, “A lot of people in the community are in the concert. Not just LAHS choir but also community. It has a lot of age ranges and is a good reflection on the community. (Everybody) is coming together and doing the best we can on a great piece.” Admission is free but a $10 donation per guest is appreciated. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m.