Lack of sidewalks on Trinity is concerning

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In regard to the NM502/Trinity Corridor, citizens who live on Arroyo Lane/Verde Ridge would like to address issues/concerns regarding the lack of sidewalks and the ability to cross Trinity Drive/East Gate Road with out going a half mile, or more, to get to a crosswalk safely in order to go to the grocery store or Atomic City Transit stops.
It appears that in the A2 and A3 plans that every area in the 502 corridor will be provided with sidewalks where none currently exist.  If that is true, we, who have never had sidewalks, surely look for a positive impact in our lives.
We will no longer have to walk through snow or weeds or miniature liquor bottles, or watchfully along a slope where we could possibly fall and then walk on what passes for a sidewalk along the Knights of Columbus just to get to the light at Knecht Street in order to cross safely.  
The same safety hazards will be eliminated when walking east toward East Park where one must walk on the side of the road in places so as not to fall down the embankment.
There are approximately 50 families living in the former Pine Glen Condos, on Verde Ridge, who have no safe pedestrian access or marked pedestrian crossings at this time.
But on the same hand, unless one is approached by a considerate driver who slows down and allows access, it is nearly impossible to make a left turn onto East Gate Road from 6:30–8:30 a.m. and 3-6:30 p.m. This is a major factor that must be addressed as well.
Additionally, why would we need to have a mid-block crossing with pedestrian hybrid beacon near Canyon Rim Trailhead when virtually no pedestrians cross the road at that location? Has that area been studied? Wouldn’t it make more sense to place that crossing closer to Arroyo Lane where it is more populated?
In the Preferred Build Alternative 6 that is posted on the NMDOT website (http://nmshtd.state.nm.us/main.asp?secid=15150) it shows that there are sidewalks and 6’-7’ retaining walls from Sombrillo Court to DP Road. I’m assuming that these proposed retaining walls would serve the same purpose as the “barrier walls” that were taken under consideration for the Eastern Area.
Is the NMDOT Preferred Build Alternative 6 design still under consideration, or do the residents on Verde Ridge need to submit a petition to the county council, like the one that was submitted by the residents in the Eastern Area, in order to be counted as a vital part of this project?
There are currently 28 families, whose bedrooms and living rooms face East Gate Road, and the noise levels do get most annoying. I hope that the NMDOT does take that into consideration before approving the county proposal for the A2 and A3 designs.
Furthermore, I believe that it would behoove this county to enforce the “no trucks on Main Hill Road” law that used to be in effect years ago. After all, we have a truck route for trucks!

Nancy Bell
Chris Nelson
Los Alamos