Lab to hold full-scale homeland security drill

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Los Alamos National Laboratory Emergency response personnel, Protective Force guards, federal officials, the Los Alamos Police Department and the FBI will participate in an extensive, full scale homeland security emergency exercise for two full days Saturday and Sunday.
The exercise will take place within a small section of Technical Area 3, the laboratory’s main administrative area. All other parts of the laboratory will be unaffected.
On Saturday, from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. vehicle access to the laboratory through the east and west Jemez Road access control points will be limited to DOE badge holders only.
Vehicles can bypass the TA-3 exercise area by using West Road. There will be no access restrictions on Sunday.
There will be limited period of time on Saturday when there will be no access through the Vehicle Access Portals on East and West Jemez Roads. During that period of time, which could be up to two hours, all vehicles will asked to use West Road to bypass the TA-3 area of Los Alamos National Laboratory.
The field simulation of the exercise will last a short period of time on Saturday, and will imitate a real-life scenario involving a hostile event.
Loud noises from simulated explosives and the sound of weapons using blank ammunition may be heard in the surrounding area.
This particular exercise is more extensive than typical, but is part of the laboratory’s regular security planning against a potential threat. The exercise is not related to any known or anticipated threat to the laboratory and there is nothing that indicates any current risk for such an attack.
The ultimate goal of all emergency exercises is the protection of laboratory employees and the public against a potential threat, and the protection of vital national security interests. This exercise is specifically designed to test the response to a potential decision to raise the Laboratory’s security condition level and react to a violent, hostile event.
If the exercise is postponed due to inclement weather, it will be rescheduled for Dec. 13 and 14.