Lab cleanup company looks to hire local workers

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N3B Los Alamos, the winning bidder for the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s $1.39 billion legacy cleanup contract, met with the community Monday during an informal meeting, as a way to provide information on what to expect in the coming days.


The meeting was held at the Cottonwood on the Green Restaurant at the Los Alamos Golf Course.

NB3, a subsidiary company of Virginia-based Huntington Ingalls, started its 90-day transition period Jan. 24.

Regulatory and Stakeholder Interface Manager Frazer Lockhart said it’s N3B’s intention to hire many of those workers back.

“It’s our desire to get as many of the existing staff that have been working on the existing environmental management program to come over and join our N3B team,” Lockhart said.

The other priority during the transition period will be to get caught up on what has already been accomplished.

“The transition is the time period when we learn about the current status of the project, the background and records,” Lockhart said. “We also go through the hiring process and get our workforce.”

N3B will hold a series of community meetings throughout the transition period to hire the employees.

The official first meeting will be Feb. 13. Lockhart did not have a time or location yet, but said residents interested in working for N3B can check the website at HII-N3B.com for more details.

N3B is the first contractor the Department of Energy’s Environmental Management Office has hired to perform legacy cleanup, which includes waste deposited and stored at the site since 1999. Before that, the cleanup operation was carried out by the Los Alamos National Laboratory under a bridge contract.

In 2014, the Department of Energy separated the waste cleanup operation from the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s current operations in response to a radiological accident that happened at Waste Isolation Pilot Plant  in 2014.