LA teens don’t know how lucky they are

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By Tom Hanlon

One of the first things I heard from the local teenagers when I moved to Los Alamos, was how boring this place is, how there is nothing to do and how nothing exciting ever happens.
I’ve lived in Los Alamos for nearly two years now and I have found lots to do here.
For example, where I came from, you have to drive for 40 minutes, over a mountain pass just to get to a public swimming pool.
You also have to wait until winter is over to see the latest film because the only movie place is the outdoor drive-in theater.
In Los Alamos, all you have to do is hop on the free Atomic City Transit to catch a movie at the Reel Deal Theater.
You can then walk a block to the Larry R. Walkup Aquatic Center, swim a few laps, then meet your family or friends at one of the many local eateries for dinner. This can all be done in the same day.
If that routine gets boring, there are plenty more activities in this little town — which is not that small, compared to Victor, Idaho, where I used to live.
How about playing nine or 18 holes at the golf course we have here or maybe playing basketball with your friends at one of the many parks in town?
And if you’ve done all that, maybe you could go for a bike ride or a hike on the 50-some trails spread out all over the county.
If you can’t find anything to do on the weekends in the winter, why not try skiing or snowboarding at the local Pajarito Mountain Ski area?
In my opinion, the ski hill in our backyard is a lot better than a big resort. You hardly have to wait in lift lines, the runs are beautiful and the friendly staff go out of their way to give you a great skiing experience.
If sliding on snow isn’t your thing, you could try ice skating at the ice rink. Or check out a good book from the large collection at Mesa Public Library.   
Los Alamos offers a variety of sports programs, too.
Plus there are dance troupes and clubs for teens, including chess, rock climbing, shotgun, music and art clubs.
The Teen Center, sponsored by the YMCA, is a place dedicated to teen activities. Most all the churches invite teens to get involved with their youth group programs. And if you want to make some money, there are jobs available for teens in this county.
Back in Idaho, spring doesn’t begin until June. In Los Alamos it’s here in March.
So shut off your gaming system, take a break from Facebook and go outside. Some teens nowadays think they’re too old to use their imaginations to create their own fun.
If I had not moved here, I would not be writing this article for Teen Pulse, to which any teen can contribute. There are more opportunities in this town than I can count. We don’t know how lucky we are to live in Los Alamos.