LA schools have all the advantages

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By Joh Hicks

Dear Editor,

The Sunday Monitor complains about the way HB 241 is currently written. I find no mention in the article that there are small schools all over New Mexico that would prefer to provide their students with the same advantages and advanced learning that Los Alamos schools consider routine. Instead, some students go only four days per week – long days to be sure – partially because there is not enough money to run the school buses. The students may travel 40 miles one way, over gravel roads; if paved, the roads were last improved 50 years ago.Perhaps someone could develop for the Monitor, using a computer simulation if necessary, a recommendation for a better formula, which could be submitted to the Legislature and that would come closer to providing all students in New Mexico an equal opportunity. No formula should attempt to guarantee equal outcomes, but students who apply themselves, anywhere in the state, should not have to take remedial courses to enter UNM. I also think they should be able to compete at University of New Mexico, or New Mexico Tech, or NMSU, on approximately equal footing with Los Alamos students.Jon HicksWhite Rock