LA Red Cross team ready for action

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On April 12 at Pojoaque Middle School there was a mock drill to practice setting up a shelter in case of a disaster or evacuation, attended by members of the Los Alamos Ready When the Time Comes team.
The Los Alamos Ready When the Time Comes team took its training in June and August 2012.
The exercise at Pojoaque Middle School was part of its required annual training.
Some members of the Los Alamos team have previously taken the Emergency Response Vehicle training as well.
Peg Hume has driven the ERV to disasters in Moore, Okla. where tornadoes destroyed homes and to Prescott, Arizona for the wildfires.
Those that would like to take the Red Cross training and be part of the team, please call Irene Powell 662-8923.
If at least eight people are interested, the Red Cross will come to Los Alamos to give the training.
Besides the training for RWTC and ERV, interested participants can take the training for Disaster Action Team. DAT helps with local disasters like single home fires, helping people find a place to stay and other activities.
For DAT, Barbara Carlos has more information. She can be reached by calling 662-5086.