LA Historical Society offers lecture series

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The Los Alamos Historical Society offers its 2013-2014 lecture series, “Frontiers.”
Visit losalamoshistory.org/Events.htm for a schedule and for a synopsis of each lecture.
Sponsored by the Los Alamos National Bank and the members of the Historical Society, the lectures are on the second Tuesday of the month.
The first in the series is “People, Politics, and Prospects in the Post-Soviet Peripheries,” by Dr. Erika Monahan, 7:30 p.m. Sept. 10 at the Mesa Public Library, upstairs meeting rooms.
In this talk, Professor Erika Monahan will survey borderlands of the post-Soviet space. From issues of economic development and migration to security and energy politics, this talk will explore the prospects and challenges that peoples in the post-Soviet borderlands currently face with a perspective that takes into account the Soviet and imperial Russian imperial legacies of the vast and variegated Eurasian space.
In 2013, Dr. Monahan won a spot as a visiting fellow at the Davis Center at Harvard University to participate in a seminar entitled “Imperial Legacies and International Politics in the Post-Soviet Space.”
The talk draws on the issues and research the historians, political scientists, literary scholars and economists explored in that seminar.
Dr. Monahan is an Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico, where she teaches Russian history from the ninth century to the present.
Monahan traveled to the then-USSR in the summer of 1991 as part of the People-to-People exchange organization. She studied Russian language in college. After graduating with a bachelor of arts from Dartmouth College in 1996, she got a job in Russia working for a start-up transport company owned by a Ukrainian émigré.
In 2000, she took the plunge and began studying Russian history in earnest at Stanford University. Her glimpse at Russia in the 90’s shaped her interests as she transitioned to academia. Monahan wrote her dissertation about merchants in early modern Russia, focusing on Siberia.
Visit losalamoshistory.org/Events.htm for a schedule and for a synopsis of each lecture or call 662-6272.