LA couple settles with LANS

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By The Staff

A settlement has been reached in the district court case involving a Los Alamos couple against Anthony Stanford, a former Emergency Operations division leader, and Los Alamos National Security, LLC, according to the couple’s attorney John Day on Monday.
“We can’t discuss the terms,” Day said. “The lab asked to keep it confidential. The Gormans are incredibly happy with the result and are happy it’s over. They are looking forward to continuing their successful careers at the lab.”
The lab said in a statement, “the laboratory is pleased that the matter has been settled. Terms of the settlement are being kept private. And, due to employee privacy, we do not discuss specific personnel actions.”
Stanford retired with full benefits in 2013 from the lab before criminal charges were filed.
The Gormans decided to file a civil complaint after it was determined that the most Stanford would face if convicted of the assault and battery charge would be probation, according to Day in an earlier article in the Los Alamos Monitor.
The civil complaint, which mirrored the criminal complaint, said Erika Gorman went to her high-ranking LANS supervisor, to whom she had previously reported Stanford’s conduct, to tell him that she could no longer tolerate Stanford’s sexual aggression and intimidation.

The complaint said, “Charlie Anderson apologized to Ms. Gorman for not having done something sooner to address Stanford’s actions. Anderson told Ms. Gorman to come to his office to meet with the division’s human resources representative.
“After hanging up with Ms. Gorman, Charlie Anderson called William Gorman and apologized to him for not having taken care of Stanford’s harassment and intimidation sooner. He directed Mr. Gorman to come to his office.
“When Mr. and Ms. Gorman arrived at Charlie Anderson’s office, Anderson informed them that he had self-reported his prior knowledge of the Stanford harassment to LANS human resources officials Chris James and Barbara Pacheco, and that he was formally recusing himself from participating any further because of his prior involvement.”

The complaint states that on or about Dec. 18, 2012, Gorman reported Stanford’s behavior to LANS’ human resources department. And on Jan. 14, 2013, Gorman reported Stanford’s behavior to the Los Alamos Police Department.
Three days later, Gorman was granted, a temporary restraining order against Stanford.
 The restraining order was issued by a First Judicial District Court judge after a lengthy hearing in which Stanford took the witness stand and testified and repeatedly confessed, under oath, to his conduct and actions against Gorman.
The complaint says the District Court granted Gorman an extended temporary restraining order against Stanford on Feb. 6.
On the following day, LANS gave Stanford the option of termination or retiring with full benefits.