LA Cares needs delivery help

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By The Staff

LA Cares has an urgent need and once again is turning to the community for assistance. We are looking for a dedicated volunteer, preferably more than one, to make food box deliveries on the second Friday morning of each month.

   There are approximately 15 clients unable, for a variety of reasons, to pick up their boxes and select from additional items such as breads and vegetables.

Delivery is not an easy task, it requires a minivan, SUV or similar vehicle and a strong back; some homes are not easily accessible and others involve stairs. This is a job best done in pairs.

While we have other volunteer opportunities, e.g. assisting with food inventory, arranging for sufficient help for both routine and special activities, from a provided list, it is the food delivery personnel who must be in place before our next food distribution on Nov.13.

  Please call Jeanne Butler, 662-6670, or leave a message on our voice mail, 661-8015, to further explore this important volunteer responsibility.


LA Cares Board