Kudos to students who protested war

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I am responding to the Los Alamos Monitor article by Carol A. Clark, which I read in via Internet, on the walkout at Los Alamos High School. As a 1955 LAHS graduate, I wanted to offer HUGE kudos to the 100-plus LAHS students who protested the Iraq War with their “strong and loud statement against the war.” I am presently living in Potomac, Md., part of the Washington, D.C., triangle, and a recent federal government retiree who worked with the intelligence community. I am proud for these young men and women of my former high school who displayed the wisdom and courage to make a statement on behalf of the present, and their future. I also congratulate the students’ parents who supported their decision to peacefully protest this unpopular and unnecessary war.We have entered into the fifth year of this questionable engagement, with 4,000 deaths and a cost of $12 billion per month to all taxpaying Americans. Imagine what we could have and should have done with that amount of money to assist in our children’s education, health care, road and bridge repairs, and countless other American needs – rather than abuse these funds on a war that even the Pentagon, repeat, the Pentagon recently stated in their report that Iraq and its leaders at the time of the U.S. invasion had no weapons of mass destruction or ties with the terrorist countries.Again, congratulations to Megan Stockton, organizer for this protest, and the wonderful LAHS class of 2008.Dimas M. ChavezLAHS Class of 1955