Kudos to a free press

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By The Staff

A recent letter regarding a cartoon about the Tea Party movement described the  cartoon as offensive and implied that the Monitor is a Marxist, and/or socialist rag. Political cartoons should make people think about views that they may oppose. Community newspapers publishing political cartoons should not cater to a specific or “safe” audience. This type of catering is what many blog/Web site/TV networks do today. If a reader is conservative or progressive they can find a blog/Web site/TV network that caters to them. When the free press began in our democracy there were newspapers and pamphlets that similarly catered to specific political views but they did not reach the population instantly as with the Internet and television “news.”

Whether today or 200 years ago, considering only one point of view from our bunkers is not guarding the republic, on the contrary, it is reinforcing the divisions in the republic. When unburdened of people who may disagree with you, it can be much easier to justify behavior such as fleecing the public under the guise of the free market as Wall Street banks, and investment firms have been accused of doing. Readers should be unhappy with any newspaper that caters to specific political views. Overall I think the Monitor attempts to present differing views, for which they should be commended.

Paul Richardson

White Rock