Korn adapts to a changing world

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By Sebastian Garcia

Despite the fact that Korn is considered Nu-metal, they have been rocking the minds of heavy metal fans with new sound, just shy of 20 years.
During those years, Korn has always been known as an innovative, edgy band. 2011 proved to be no different for the Berkeley, Calif. band.
“The Path Of Totality” was released on Dec. 2, 2011. Fans that have followed Korn since the 90s, may have a hard time following the band on this album, as it breaks away from the classic heavy bass and guitar sound to adopt dub-step beats.
With collaborations of big name dubstep artists such as Skrillex, Noisia and Kill The Noise, “The Path” boasted high chart-topping singles.
The album is innovative and not what you’d expect from a metal band. To date, Korn is the only Nu-metal band that has made a successful comeback after most bands in that genre died off in the late 90s and early 2000s.
It was then than rap and hip-hop artists went on a second musical rampage, reminiscent of the same sort of movement in the middle 90s. With big names like Lil Wayne, Eminem and Ludacris on the rise, Korn did what most bands couldn’t.
They changed with the times and evolved to make more hit records.
With the exception of the song “Chaos Lives in Everything,” the dubstep beats accompany heavy guitars and lead singer Jonathan Davis’s distinct voice.
This album is exactly what the dying genre of Nu-metal and dubstep needed. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy dubstep as much as the next guy, but it kind of gets boring after a while, listening to the same beats drop.
It’s kind of refreshing when listening to a dubstep song, when all of a sudden your senses are assaulted with heavy guitars and deep vocals.
As with all Korn albums, The “Path of Totality” contains explicit lyrics with adult-suited violent themes that may not be suitable for younger audiences.
The listener can hear the violent themes in the song, “Kill Mercy Within:” Spewing vile atrocities/ Bringing existence to its knees/ I will manifest my sins/ and I will kill mercy within.
All in all, this is another good Korn album that builds anticipation for what they’ll come up with next.