'Komfort for Kids' comes to LAPD

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By Tris DeRoma

Beta Sigma Phi, Laureate Rho chapter has always been known for its philanthropic efforts in the community. Whether that’s through fundraising for charity or giving gift bags to seniors during the holidays, the Laureate Rho chapter, as well as the four other chapters in Los Alamos have always been there when residents needed them.
Now, Laureate Rho has extended its reach directly to the children of Los Alamos, making sure every police car of the Los Alamos Police Department has a small backpack or two filled with quilts or afghans, snacks, water, stuffed animals and a coloring book.
Called “Komfort For Kids,” the idea is for police officers to hand them out to kids when they arrive on calls where apparent abuse or trauma has taken place.
“The time will probably be a very traumatic time for them,” said Laureate Rho member Pat Cruz. “For them to have something to wrap around themselves or to hold onto like a stuffed animal will mean a lot to them,” said Cruz.
Laureate Rho member Cecilia Dimpfel came up with the idea, after noticing that while there were many programs to help children affected by traumas and disaster, none of them were local.
“My main thing was to have something that stays in Los Alamos,” Dimpfel said. “It seems like everything else went down the valley or Albuquerque. It’s not that I’m against that, but we have to take care of our children too,” she said.
The 14 members of Laureate Rho aren’t in this by themselves however. They have received massive support from the community for this project, especially when it comes to the home made quilts. The Los Alamos Piecemakers Quilt Guild, RSVP Senior Quilters, Los Alamos Church of Christ Quilting Guild and Warm Hearts Yarn have contributed the quilts and the materials to make them. As for the other items, Dimpfel said
Dimpfel noted that as the packs get distributed, they will be relying on the community to help replenish the supplies. To keep from getting overwhelmed, Laureate Rho and the LAPD have worked out a system. Whenever supplies are low, the department’s chief, Dino Sgambellone will contact Laureate Rho and hopefully, Laureate Rho will have enough on hand to supply them.
If you would like to donate, you can email Laureate Rho for dropoff points at: komfortforkids@gmail.com
According to member Dee Sherlock, so far they have not had any problems with support.
“We’ve been overwhelmed by the community’s commitment. They’ve been just so wonderful with their donations,” said Dee Sherlock, a member and publicist for Laureate Rho.
Ben Irving, a police officer with the LAPD, said he could see the backpacks and their contents being very helpful to the officers in the course of their duties.
“We are very happy that they are willing to offer these additional tools to help the community in Los Alamos. “It allows us to further our mission here as well as help the populace.”