King lends $60,000 to re-election campaign

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Gary King has boosted his fundraising with personal loans

By Special to the Monitor

SANTA FE — Democratic Attorney General Gary King has boosted his re-election fundraising with personal loans of $60,000, according to a new campaign finance disclosure.

King’s campaign raised $166,271, including the loans, and spent $73,049 from October through April 5.

The Republican candidate for attorney general, Matthew Chandler of Clovis, collected $67,883 for his campaign and spent $8,712.

King had $93,222 of cash in his campaign account and Chandler reported a balance of $62,720 as of last week.

Both candidates are unopposed in the June 1 primary. Chandler is the district attorney in the 9th Judicial District of Curry and Roosevelt counties.

Contributions to King’s campaign included $4,500 from a New York law firm, Labaton Sucharow, which has represented New Mexico in lawsuits over securities fraud and investment losses. King also got $1,000 from the National Rifle Association’s political committee; $5,000 from Charles DuMars, an Albuquerque lawyer specializing in water and environmental law; and $5,000 from Roswell oilman Robert Armstrong.

Former state insurance superintendent Eric Serna contributed $250 to King. Serna retired in 2006 in an agreement with the state Public Regulation Commission after it suspended him over conflict-of-interest issues.

Top contributors to Chandler were Roswell oilman Michael Murphy, Clovis attorney Michael Garrett and Clovis businessman Gary Hamilton, each giving $5,000. The candidate also contributed $5,000 to his campaign.

Monday was the deadline for candidates to file reports with the secretary of state’s office disclosing their recent fundraising.

In the race for state land commissioner, Democrat Ray Powell has the largest amount of cash on hand among the Democratic and GOP candidates for the office. Powell, who was land commissioner in 1993-2002, had a balance of $55,401 in his campaign fund.

Democrat Sandy Jones, a member of the Public Regulation Commission, reported a balance of $9,956, and former Santa Fe County Commissioner Harry Montoya, a Democrat, had $33,825. Republican Matthew Rush had a balance of $3,758.

Powell spent $42,837 and raised $68,754, including a $10,000 loan from his wife. His campaign received $5,001 from a firm affiliated with an Ohio-based real estate company helping to develop the Mesa Del Sol project in Albuquerque. Part of the development is on state land managed by the land office, and Powell backed the project when he was land commissioner.

Jones raised $77,215 and spent $76,157. Two ranchers, Cliff Skiles of Dalhart, Texas, and Leo Sims of Eunice, each contributed $10,000. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers gave $5,000.

Montoya received contributions of $36,405, including $2,500 from the law firm of Heard, Robins, Cloud and Lubel, which has offices in Texas and Santa Fe. His campaign spent $2,580.

Rush raised $38,255, including a $25,000 personal loan. Former state Rep. Brian Moore, a GOP candidate for lieutenant governor, contributed $2,750. The campaign spent $34,697, including about $25,000 for radio ads.

No campaign finance report was available at the secretary of state’s office for Republican Bob Cornelius.

Other campaign finance reports in races for other statewide offices were:

• Secretary of State Mary Herrera, a Democrat, raised $17,086, spent $7,634 and had a cash balance of $42,911 for her re-election campaign. Republican Dianna Duran, a state senator from Tularosa, received $2,867 in contributions, spent $1,525 and had cash-on-hand of $1,342.

•  State Treasurer James Lewis, a Democrat, raised $8,590, spent $11,082 and had a balance of $28,537 in his bid for re-election. Republican Jim Schoonover lent his campaign $2,251 and received $100 in contributions. His campaign spent $1,046 and had a balance of $1,306, according to report released by the campaign.

• State Auditor Hector Balderas, a Democrat, raised $24,380, spent $8,330 and had a balance of $126,231. His challenger, Republican Erroll Chavez, raised $5,765, including personal loans and contributions of $4,719. Chavez’s campaign spent $1,086 and had $4,679 in cash on hand.