The key to success? Stay positive

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By The Staff

Positive Family Communication is our goal this week. How is yours doing? This week mine didn’t go so well.

Three boys combined with home, work, church, school, Scouts and wrestling means a few questions that normally get asked, didn’t. The result is that I missed a school performance that I really wanted to go see.

The point is that it happens and hopefully I’ll fill the gap and it won’t happen again.

We have to make the relationship with our kids one that makes them want to talk to us. We have to open the door wide enough that they will come to us to seek our counsel when the going gets rough.

A friend of mine told me how her kids, even at a high school age, would still stand outside the bathroom door and talk to her when she was getting ready even with the door closed.

My first thought was, Oh Lord help me, even when mine get to high school, they’ll still talk to me outside the bathroom door.  After I became “assetized,”  I understood that the good news is they will still  be willing to talk.

Our goal as parents, as neighbors, as business leaders is to be positive whenever possible. Try to find the good in any situation; try to put a positive spin on each learning moment.

We have a rule in our house that no one says shut up. We started it when they were tiny, so now it is has become ingrained as a value. It sounds simple, but that’s what the Asset framework is all about, positive, baby steps we can take for youth development.

If you have a suggestion on what is working in your family, feel free to drop us an e-mail or give us a call, so we can tell others what great ideas are out there.

Bernadette Lauritzen is the Assets In Action coordinator for Los Alamos. The program is sponsored by the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce. She can also be heard from 9-10 a.m. Mondays on AM 1490, KRSN.