Keep those hands off WIPP mission

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I would like to implore Rep. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., to utilize what is left of his cerebrum/cerebellum and, or medulla in his foolhardy and suspiciously self-serving desire to sever the  fiduciary relationship he holds with the citizens of New Mexico, by seeking to support the change to the intended mission of WIPP.  
WIPP up to now has been seen as the world’s only nuclear repository for low level nuclear waste and was never to become  that of what  was Yucca mountain’s intended mission (as ill conceived as that was) a storage facility for the spent fuel rods of the nations 103 nuclear reactors. 
Our government has essentially subsidized an industry with toxic by products with no safe means of storing/transporting, and or dealing with the waste.  
WIPP is not a suitable solution.
Science has already indicated that the salt beds in southern New Mexico are not suitable for such storage.  
Additionally, I find it unconscionable to support an industry such as the nuclear energy industry, which has numerous times demonstrated that the cart has certainly been placed before the cart.  
Clean it is not free it is not.  Japanese Tuna anyone?  I think not.
Nevada saw the light, New Mexico, now it’s our turn ­— turn on your solar powered light bulbs.

Candy Jones
Los Alamos