Keep it green

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We’ve all heard Joni Mitchell sing “Don’t it always seem to go That you don’t know what you’ve got Till it’s gone.  They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”
Los Alamos High School, rather than rehabilitating the venerable green space along Diamond Drive, plans to pave the area to create a bus-only drop off loop.
This “parking lot” will obliterate the leafy green area in front of LAHS, but not substantially improve parking lot safety.  It will, however, create new hazards.  Additional curb cuts along this heavily traveled section of  Diamond will disrupt traffic patterns, adding to current congestion.
This  plan will divert numerous school buses and scores of student vehicles through  Western Area via Sandia/Trinity every school day.  Bicyclist along Diamond  will be at risk.
The LAPS school board has not gathered public input regarding this project.  Now that opposition has arisen, they intend to hold a public session on Tuesday, March 6t at 5:30 in the LAHS speech theatre to present their plan.   
If you are opposed to the loss of green space at our “new” high school or if you have concerns about the traffic issues this project will create, attend this meeting to voice your objections.
If you cannot come, contact the  school board before Tuesday’s meeting.
Audrey Rust, Peninsula Open Space Trust says “If it hasn’t been paved, it  can still be saved.”  Through drought and fire, we have lost enough green  in the last 12 years.  Please save this green space.

Mary Sandoval
Los Alamos