Keep all LA ‘families’ together

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Here are five things your family can do to make sure bear cubs, cougar kittens, little raccoons and skunks are not separated from their families.
1. Don’t feed the wild animals. Throw out your hummingbird feeder. Don’t feed the deer. Feed the birds only in winter. Keep pet food bowls inside.
2. Leash your dogs and keep your pet cats inside.
3. Secure your garbage as best you can. Ask members of county council to consider bear-aware dumpsters, which you see frequently in Colorado. Keep smelly stuff like melon rinds out of your compost pile.
4. If your fruit trees have fruit, pick it in a timely manner so it doesn’t tempt critters.
5. Be kind and considerate. Remember your behavior has consequences for your whole neighborhood. At sunrise this morning two of my children were out delivering the Los Alamos Monitor in some of North Mesa’s perimeter neighborhoods.
Even though they carry pepper spray and have been taught since they were toddlers what to do when confronted with big predators I still worry this time of the year.
Finally, remember, a fed bear is a dead bear.
Lynn Hanrahan
Los Alamos