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Readers respond to editorial about TV listings in the Monitor

Kaleidoscope is my TV guide and I do read other the articles: “An Inside Look at Nuclear Weapons” was really interesting (we do live in Los  Alamos). I also appreciate your list of books on the “Best Sellers” list each week as well as many of the other articles. I hope you will keep Kaleidoscope coming on Thursdays.

Carole Travis
White Rock

Thank you for asking before changing another aspect of the Monitor.  The service of providing a weekly TV listing is very helpful.
Without it we would be obliged to purchase yet another magazine to give us the little bit of information that we need.  Please continue your distribution of the TV schedule.

Kay Newnam

I do not use the TV listings. I like everything else that is in the Kaleidoscope. Expanding the section to include more arts and cultural events would be good. Restaurant reviews would also be a nice addition.
I’d like reviews about restaurants in northern NM. It is through newspaper and magazine reviews that I have found out about restaurants in Cuba, Penasco and other smaller towns. Including Taos would be nice, too. I don’t really care about Albuquerque restaurants, though some of your readership may feel

Laurie McGavran  

Dump it. Never read it, throw in recycle bin as I bring Monitor in. Cover more local news like
what happened to White Rock Shipit? What happened to nail/beauty shop in WR?
 Eldon J. Linnebur

I use Kaleidoscope primarily for the TV listings. I only have basic cable and rely on the listings every week.

R D Little
Los Alamos

I’d say that the Kaliedoscope is very important to me and that I use it every day to see what’s on the tube. Please don’t get rid of it, or change it even!
I’ll also take the opportunity to express my hopes that you would get back to printing more readers’ letters to the editor, as they were very important for me and every one in my family.

Rick Miranda  

I am responding to your request for opinions on the Kaleidoscope publication of the Monitor.  
I was saddened to read the article this evening.  
I have depended on this section of our newspaper for many years for TV Programming.  
I cannot imagine doing without it.  It is one of the reasons I subscribed to the Monitor.  Like many others in our community, I do not have satellite and the exorbitant price I pay Comcast every month does not include a TV Programming guide.
Please consider continuing this very important service you provide to your subscribers.
Nina Laird
Los Alamos NM  

As satellite TV customers, my family and I never consult the Kaleidoscope TV listings.  
We didn’t consult them when we were cable subscribers either.  
However, as performing and visual arts enthusiasts, we would hate to see Kaleidoscope disappear unless you replaced it with something of comparable visibility.  
The Los Alamos Concert Association relies very heavily on the big boost we get when our upcoming concerts are highlighted on the Kaleidoscope cover.  
You may lose the TV listings, but please continue to provide a highly visible place where your readers know they can go for coverage of the arts.  
And given the large number of arts organizations in town, an expansion of your arts coverage would be most welcome.
Ann McLaughlin
Artistic Director
Los Alamos Concert Assoc.

I would be very disappointed if the TV listings were discontinued.  
It is the only way I can see in advance what shows will be aired in the coming week.  
I am an infrequent TV watcher and only turn it on if I know there is something in particular to watch.  
I only get “over-the-air” stations (not cable or dish) and the schedule broadcast through the digital channels is only good for the current day (I’d have to check each day to decide if there is anything worth watching).  
Additionally, I am not a daily subscriber to any of the other local papers (Journal North or Santa Fe New Mexican) so if the Monitor drops their listings I would have to make some sort of effort to get their TV guides.  
I would not object if the listings were scaled back to just the over-the-air stations.
The primary reasons I subscribe to the Monitor are (in approximate order):  1) entertainment (comics, puzzles, TV listings); 2) it gives a quick look at local events; and 3) more entertainment (op-ed, letters to the editor, etc.).

Milan Gadd
Los Alamos

Although I look at all of the Kaleidoscope section, I use it primarily for the TV listings daily. 
In fact, I am so dependent on the TV listings that, if a newpaper does not get delivered to me on Thursday, I go out and buy one just to have the TV listings for the week.
If this section is eliminated from the newpaper, I would not stop my subscription because the Monitor is the only paper in town. 
But I would feel that the newpaper has made another “change” that weakened it (in my opinion). 
I have lived in the town for 38 years and seen many changes to the newpaper, in news coverage and points of view. 
Taking away the Kaleidoscope section would further deteriorate the worth of the newspaper. 
Not everyone has home internet (I use the library) or some cable feed going to the home.
As I am becoming a cynic about whether my opinion is really being listened to in this town, please prove me wrong and really take into consideration the opinions of the “over 65” population.  Thank you.

Sharon Tegtmeier
White Rock

 We read Kaleidoscope for the entertainment news and use it constantly for the Los Alamos TV listings, which aren’t easy to find elsewhere.
We would really miss it if you changed or dropped it.        
Maartin and Judy Gursky

We never use the Kaleidoscope for TV listings.

Kaleidoscope is a great venue for other entertainment news, local events, what a world of opportunity this could open up.
I really like that you’re asking for feedback.
Carolyn Mangeng
White Rock

In response to your editorial, we would like to see Kaleidoscope [or at least a close clone] continued for the following reasons:
1. We are cable TV [Comcast] subscribers; most of our acquaintances who use satellite TV depend on the in-house menus provided by their services; informal conversations with them indicate that they don’t pay much attention to any of the printed newspaper TV listings.
2. We also take the ABQ Journal so we get the weekly “Entertainer” insert.
However, the “Entertainer” does not carry all of the Los Alamos cable channels and, in many cases, their listing of the Los Alamos Cable channels are WRONG.
3. As an elderly couple with some advanced-age medical problems, we can’t participate or enjoy many of the local live “entertainment” offerings.
However, we do enjoy keeping up with “...what’s going on in town...” so it is pleasant...even if not mandatory...reading for us.
4.  To summarize, please keep the Kaleidoscope “as is”; or at least the TV listing section.  We admit this response is somewhat biased due to our age limitations but....

Tom & Bev Keenan

I responded to the Kaleidoscope opinion poll, but I want to make an additional comment.  
Although I voted that we read it “just for the TV listings” that is not the only reason we read it.  However, that is the most important reason for us, and likely for others in Los Alamos who do not use cable or satellite TV, of whom there are many.  
Please do not eliminate the TV listings for those of us who have no other way of getting that important information.

Robert & Priscilla Hardekopf

I know you may find this incredible but I still rely on an antenna and rabbit ears for my TV reception.
My only source for TV listings is the Kaleidoscope. I use it every day.
I also use the Kaleidoscope for entertainment news.
I will attend the Brown Bag concert this coming Wednesday because I read about it in the Kaleidoscope. Do what you need to do but please keep the TV listings and entertainment news.
Helen Carpenter

I did answer the question on your online poll, but it was rather restrictive in that you had to click on one or the other.  I chose TV listings, but I don’t use it JUST for TV listings. 
We are also interested in the Brown Bag Series and other entertainment and activities in town and in the area.
Your editorial in the August 26 paper suggests that most systems offer on-screen program guides, but I believe that applies to satellite subscribers. 
We do subscribe to Comcast cable, and the Kaleidoscope is the only complete TV listing guide we have, and I look at it several times a day. 
I do not want you to discontinue the guide.
The daily TV listings in the Albuquerque Journal is not nearly as complete as the Kaleidoscope. 
For example, it does not list Animal Planet, CNBC, Discovery Health, FoxNM, or Style, plus others that we do not watch anyway.
I do not know what percentage of households in Los Alamos use cable, but we do; and I certainly do not want the TV listings discontinued.

Lo Ree Bunch
White Rock

I have cable TV, but no on screen program guide, so I am dependent on the Kaleidoscope for my viewing.  I also appreciate the Pac-8 programlistings.
I hope you will continue to print the Kaleidoscope.

Virginia Burgess

In our household, my husband and I use the Kaleidoscope for entertainment news, but not for TV info.  
Please do keep a separate section of the Monitor dedicated to local or nearby area entertainment and other information concerning music, theater, art, etc. Thanks for a newspaper which is very much a part of our life in Los Alamos.
Joan Brown

As long-time (very!) subscribers to the Monitor, the Kaleidoscope has  become critical to our week in terms of TV listings.  On occasion, we  will read a particularly interesting article, but we primarily depend  upon the listings for TV viewing.  We hope we can look forward to this  service continuing in the future.

Helen D. Cowan

If you are keeping count, you can add my husband and I to the column of those not making use of this portion of the paper.
It is much more accurate to look up TV listings online, along with the added abilities for customizing what type of programming one is trying to locate.
Sallie and Skip Kahler