JPJ complex bad idea

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

At last, a citizen of this town has had the guts to talk about the emperor’s new clothes. Not that the emperor has no clothes, but that he has too many and they cost way too much.

 It seems that the boondoggle of the skate park was just the warmup. The really big show is the Judicial, Police and Jail Complex, a huge project that is going to cost $450 a square foot!  Take a look at it.  Google “Los Alamos County –  Judicial/Police-Jail Complex,” go to the bottom of the page and bring up “60 percent Design Council Presentation August 2008  powerpoint presentation given to county council Aug. 08.”  Talk about an edifice complex!

So the art of the boondoggle is being perfected right here in Atomic City.  Somebody stands to make money – a lot of money.  And that money is coming right out of our pockets.  Yours and mine.

Eunice K. Riemer

Los Alamos