Join me in continuing to keep LGBT community in our thoughts

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Guest Columnist

The mass shooting in Orlando has me heartbroken. Not only was this the deadliest shooting in our country’s history, but it was also the worst instance of hateful violence ever directed against our LGBT community.
Over the weekend, many cities including Albuquerque were celebrating Pride. But on Sunday morning, we woke up to shock and horror. The families and loved ones of the victims of this horrible tragedy have experienced unimaginable loss. So many young people, so much potential, taken away by hate and violence.
I am proud that as a nation, we refuse to embrace hatred and violence and that even when faced with terrorism we refuse to let fear govern our lives. Hate, violence, fear – these things have no place in our society and fly in the face of our American values.
This is not who we are as a nation. In this moment of sadness and grief for the loss of so many innocent lives, I’m hopeful that we can come together to support each other with kindness and understanding. And I hope that we will take action to prevent this kind of senseless crime from being repeated.
As I continue to learn the facts behind this event, there is no denying that we must do more to reduce gun violence in America. As a gun owner, I know that there are meaningful measures we can take now that would make a difference.
Universal background checks, cracking down on illegal gun trafficking, and keeping all guns out of the hands of people who want to do us harm are reasonable safeguards. Some would have us believe that the efforts I just outlined are a Trojan Horse designed to take all guns away from law abiding Americans. Common sense tells me otherwise.
I will do everything in my power to keep our nation safe. And I know you’ll join me in continuing to keep those affected in Orlando and the entire LGBT community in our thoughts.