Johnson holds off Finch, Swertfeger wins at tourney--see attached results

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Golf: Atomic City Invitational postponed due to fire

By The Staff

The bottom two seeds in this year’s Atomic City Invitational men’s championship flight ended up facing off in Monday’s final round.
Tim Johnson, the No. 7 seed in the men’s flight, held off eighth-seeded Warren Finch in the final round of the 2011 ACI. Johnson picked up his second career ACI victory, albeit his first since the late 1980s.
This year’s ACI was held around the Labor Day weekend instead of its usual late June-early July schedule. The tournament was postponed due to the effects of the Las Conchas Fire which started in late June.
The only year since 1950 the ACI has been canceled was in 2000, that because of the Cerro Grande Fire.
Brandon Rich, who won Friday’s qualifying round at the ACI, finished third, defeating two-time champ Cale Jones.
Last year’s champion, Parker Ashton didn’t play this year. Ashton put together an impressive run in 2010, defeating several top local players decisively.
In the women’s championship, Anna Swertfeger defeated Sarah Christensen for the title to claim her first ACI championship. Lynne Taylor was third, topping Mary Alei in their contest.
In the senior men’s top flight, Kurt Anast defeated Ted Ball to earn this year’s title.

Men’s champions (players are from Los Alamos unless otherwise noted)

1950: Clyde Blackwell (Roswell)
1951: Mike Clancy
1952: Teddy White (Roswell)
1953: Clyde Blackwell (Roswell)
1954: Mutt Mitchell
1955: Walt Garcia
1956: Bob Meiering (Roswell)
1957: Tom Reed (Denver, Colo.)
1958: Duff Lawrence (Phoenix, Ariz.)
1959: Duff Lawrence (Phoenix, Ariz.)
1960: Mike Clancy
1961: Wright Garrett (Houston, Texas)
1962: Ernie Roth
1963: Mickey Clute (Las Cruces)
1964: Wright Garrett (Houston, Texas)
1965: Dennis McCloskey
1966: Buddy Hamilton (Amarillo, Texas)
1967: Rick Killoran
1968: Chuck Basgard (Farmington)
1969: Bernie Killoran
1970: Dennis McCloskey
1971: Steve Rich
1972: Fred Lawson (Tulsa, Okla.)
1973: Ed Snow
1974: John Montoya
1975: Lou Perotti
1976: Fred Seeley
1977: Fred Lawson (Tulsa, Okla.)
1978: Fred Seeley
1979: Pat Soran
1980: Mike Clancy Jr.
1981: Fred Seeley
1982: John Klein
1983: LeRoy Pearson (Ranger, Texas)
1984: Jay Schantz (Santa Fe)
1985: Jay Schantz (Santa Fe)
1986: Bob Russo (Denver, Colo.)
1987: Tim Johnson
1988: Fred Seeley (Albuquerque)
1989: Fred Seeley (Albuquerque)
1990: Gary Rich
1991: Craig Butler
1992: LeRoy Pearson (Ranger, Texas)
1993: Gary Rich
1994: Bob Russo (Denver, Colo.)
1995: Bob Russo (Denver, Colo.)
1996: Bob Russo (Denver, Colo.)
1997: Lee Sanchez (Santa Fe)
1998: Lee Sanchez (Santa Fe)
1999: Scott Peterson (Colorado)
2000: No Tournament
2001: David Backus
2002: Cale Jones
2003: Dave Self (Dallas, Texas)
2004: James McAtee
2005: Cale Jones
2006: Gary Rich
2007: Brett Hollander
2008: Lee Sanchez (Santa Fe)
2009: Lee Sanchez (Santa Fe)
2010: Parker Ashton (Santa Fe)
2011: Tim Johnson

Women’s champions (winners are from Los Alamos unless otherwise noted)

1954: Mickey Gibson
1955: Diana Reed (Denver, Colo.)
1956: Mary Grilly
1957: Blanche Johnson (Albuquerque)
1958: Blanche Johnson (Albuquerque)
1959: Pat Keen (Las Cruces)
1960: Mickey Gibson
1961: Ann Phillips
1962: Ann Phillips
1963: Theresa Winslow
1964: Ann Phillips
1965: Mary Lou Butler (Albuquerque)
1966: Juanita Jones (Amarillo, Texas)
1967: Mary Lou Butler (Albuquerque)
1968: Mary Hoover (El Paso, Texas)
1969: Juanita Jones (Amarillo, Texas)
1970: Bobbie Tiano (Santa Fe)
1971: Betty Hirsch (La Junta, Colo.)
1972: Ellie Marceau (Albuquerque)
1973: Frankie Stearns
1974: Ev Griggs
1975: Rosmary Thompson (Amarillo, Texas)
1976: Vicki Livingston (Centerville, Texas)
1977: Kris Monaghan
1978: Kris Monaghan
1979: Kris Monaghan
1980: Rosmary Thompson (Amarillo, Texas)
1981: Ev Griggs
1982: Pat Zick (Albuquerque)
1983: Ev Griggs
1984: Anita Sarwinski
1985: Anita Sarwinski
1986: Anita Sarwinski
1987: Anita Sarwinski
1988: Anita Sarwinski
1989: Kay Linda Shive (Austin, Texas)
1990: Anita Clancy
1991: Ev Griggs
1992: Ev Griggs
1993: Anita Clancy
1994: Anita Clancy
1995: Samantha Surette (Albuquerque)
1996: Anita Clancy
1997: Ev Griggs
1998: Roz Odemark (Santa Fe)
1999: Ev Griggs
2000: No Tournament
2001: Ev Griggs
2002: Martha Waters
2003: Barbara Schmitt
2004: Mary Alei
2005: Sarah Anast
2006: Ev Griggs
2007: Barbara Schmitt
2008: Sarah Anast
2009: Martha Waters
2010: Ev Griggs
2011: Anna Swertfeger

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