Jim Hall is right choice for district

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As the former State Representative in House District 43 (1971-1986) I would like to solidly endorse Representative Hall for election to that seat in the legislature.
We are lucky to have a person with the experience and knowledge that Jim possesses. He has been a leader in the district he represents. He has deep roots in New Mexico where his grandfather was the legendary “Cowboy Preacher” Ralph Hall that carried the gospel to the little ranching communities around Roswell, Fort Sumner, Ruidoso, Pie Town and others. His father managed Ghost Ranch.
Jim has the experience as an executive as well as a policy maker for he has served as a school board member, a county councilor, a cabinet secretary and as a state representative. That is a lot of what it takes to serve the people in District 43.
As a former representative, I know what that experience means when it comes to working as a legislator.
One has to be able to analyze the multitude of bails and to be able to negotiate compromises to make things work.  Jim Hall has what it takes.  He has a very good reputation with members of both parties and can be effective with both the Democrats as well as with his own party.
The people that work with legislators such as teacher union reps, University administrators, businessmen, environmental lobbyists and veteran’s groups all give Jim high marks for his ability to work with them.
All of this is in high contrast with his opponent who cannot match the qualifications exhibited by Jim Hall as an effective legislator.
Vernon N. Kerr
Los Alamos

What about the businesswomen?

That's nice Mr. Kerr likes Jim, but he does seem to be stretching it when he brings in Teachers Reps etc. The Teachers Union has fully endorsed Ms. Richard. And all the Environmental groups support Stephanie. I am guessing a lot of businesswomen would like to have a woman's viewpoint to help balance the overabundance of men in State Offices.