Jack White makes a break

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By Sebastian Garcia

Break-ups are never an easy thing to handle, especially if the people breaking up are in a band together.
Depending on the popularity of the band, individual members may have a hard time starting new endeavors.
None have been more successful than Ozzy Osbourne, who crafted his own dark image, after getting kicked out of Black Sabbath; and John Lennon, who rose to immortal status with solo albums such as “Imagine,” after the break-up of The Beatles.
Jack White, one half of former alternative rock band The White Stripes, tries his hand at a solo career with his debut solo album “Blunderbuss.”
Released on April 23, 2012, “Blunderbuss” sold 138,000 copies in its first week, and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.
White came into the music industry with then-wife, Meg White, in 1997, as The White Stripes. After a successful music career, the Stripes broke up in 2011.
After 14 years of being one-half of a duo, many wondered if White could successfully break away and strike out on his own.
The answer is, not really. Lets face it, White was the driving force behind the White Stripes.
From his distinctive guitar riffs in songs like “Seven Nation Army” and his unique voice, White was the heart of The White Stripes. “Blunderbuss” proves that White is the same as ever, just without Meg.
Songs like “Sixteen Saltines” captures White in all of his glory.
With sharp guitar riffs, great vocals accompanied by simple drumbeats, and the somewhat random lyrics (“I’m hungry and the hunger will linger, I eat 16 saltine crackers then I lick my fingers”) the song delivers in every way possible.
 “Blunderbuss” is a good album in terms of White still sounding great, but the album doesn’t bring anything new to the table that hasn’t already be heard.  If White’s intention was to do something new and different, it didn’t work.
“Blunderbuss” proves that White doesn’t need Meg to make good music, as he is more than capable on his own.
Overall, “Blunderbuss” is a solid solo debut effort. Key tracks include “Sixteen Saltines” and “I’m Shakin.”