It's time for Allen Weh to share his own ideas

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I am disappointed that Allen Weh would use his space in the Los Alamos Monitor to repeat Republican Talking Points, that can be heard 24 hours a day on Fox News and a plethora of conservative talk radio programs.
If he wants to have his say each month, he should be presenting his own ideas in a reasoned and intelligent tone.  
I am tired of hearing the talking points of “class warfare” and President Obama’s lack of leadership.
This president has made an incredible effort to work with both parties in congress, and most of us are painfully aware that those who will not compromise on anything are the Republicans.
Their allegiance to Grover Norquist rather than the people they represent, their rabid rhetoric that anything that is Democratic is wrong, and their determined effort to assure that President Obama is unable to do anything to significantly improve the economy (and diminish the likelihood of their taking over the White House) seem to drive their every move.
Mr. Weh assures his readers that “We shall overcome” and that we must “take our country back.”
I agree, but it won’t be back to the country he envisions that favors the wealthy.
People all over this country are working to take our country back for the rest of us, who, to quote Jimmy Stewart, “Do most of the working and paying and living and dying” in this country.
Elizabeth Johnson
Los Alamos