It's never too late to build assets

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You know, I have said before that you can build assets at any age and late night Fridays in Los Alamos, proved that philosophy.
The annual Relay for Life event kicked off with a Cancer Survivor’s Lap. The participants walked the first lap to begin the event, which took volunteers and walkers late into the night.
The lap was preceded by a dinner, flowers and a presentation by Dr. Eric Bernstein, an oncologist with New Mexico Cancer Care at the Los Alamos Medical Center.
Doug Stavert, Ann Sherrard and Katie Stavert, along with a furry friend, scooped and swept a large build-up of water that had collected around the pond prior to the arrival of walkers that have been through — or are currently going through — the battle.
The  chair of the local American Cancer Society chapter, John Hofmann, greeted the arrival of the survivors led by bagpipers, while wife Sue, handed out survivor banners to the men, women and a few young people on hand to inspire the fundraising walkers.
According to the Relay for Life website, there were 11 participants, 13 teams and more than $15,000 raised for the effort.
If we look a little closer to home, the Los Alamos Council on Cancer helps those in the heat of the battle with a variety of local events and resources.
A friend of mine calls an unfortunate period in her life, “The late unpleasantness.” Well the Los Alamos Council on Cancer hopes to make the “current unpleasantness” just a little more bearable for those struggling with issues related to cancer.
So whether you need a hat, scarf or wig, want to learn more about resources or pick up literature about cancer — or even find a buddy going through the same things — they are here for you.
The Cancer Corner, which provides free items for cancer patients, is located inside the Los Alamos Medical Center on Thursdays from 10 a.m. until noon. You can also call them at 661-9510 to schedule a time that works for you.
You never know what is going on in the course of someone’s life. Perhaps they are ready to discuss it, perhaps not. Perhaps they are up for that particular challenge of the day, perhaps not. We meet them where they are and aid them through “the late unpleasantness.” Until then, we walk.
To learn more visit losalamoscounciloncancer.org.

Bernadette Lauritzen is the Assets Coordinator for Los Alamos, sponsored by the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce and the JJAB.