It's A Girl

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New Year 2014 > Maureen Ellen Lausen born in early morning hours of Jan. 1

By Tris DeRoma

It was certainly a Happy New Year for one Los Alamos couple, whose second baby became the first birth in Los Alamos for 2014.
It’s a girl, and her name is Maureen Ellen Lausen, daughter of Megan Lausen and Mark Lausen.
According to Megan, Maureen arrived pretty quickly. It was 2 a.m. when Maureen started to arrive, and she was born at the hospital at 3:53 a.m.
“A little over an hour later, we were all done, so it was pretty fantastic for all of us,” Mark said.
Maureen Ellen’s name comes from her two grandmothers and she has a big brother named Matthew, 2.
So far, Matthew’s been taking the news rather well, having come to the hospital for a quick visit yesterday, Maureen said.
“He was more excited than I thought, because we’ve been talking to him about it so much,” she said, adding that he was all smiles during the visit.
As for being the first baby born in Los Alamos for 2014, both parents were OK with that, though it certainly wasn’t their goal.
Though dad had everyone laughing that they could have used the tax break for 2013, mom said the most important thing was that Maureen Ellen has arrived.
“To me, the timing didn’t really matter,” said Maureen. “What mattered to us was that she arrived safe and healthy.”
The Ladies Auxiliary of the Los Alamos Medical Center, otherwise known as the “pink ladies,” were on hand to present the proud couple with a check for a $100 to help them get started in the new year.