It's all about faith, hope and love

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Faith, hope and love — and the greatest of these, is the one you need at that moment.
Faith is the thing you believe in, that which is bigger than you. It doesn’t matter to me whether you wear the cross of Jesus or the Star of David or whether you believe in Buddha or some other good deity. Your faith is what pulls you out of the moment and makes you believe in goodness.
Hope, to me, is what lifts your eyes from the ground to sky. It is what lifts your heart out of your head and transports you to what could be, what will be and how life should be.
Love is also best defined by you at the moment. Love is the feeling that surrounds you — the people, the community and the zest for appreciation. It is those that take you for who you are, how you best receive it and highlight what is best about you, in any given moment.
I hope you have all three. I hope you give all three and I hope you look around to others that might not have all three and lend them a kind word or a smile. The best thing is they are free — a low-impact exercise yielding a large payoff.
I heard an interpretation of the Pope’s mass this morning, where I understand he told those in attendance not to mistake tenderness for weakness.
I hope the world is listening.
This week, our children face the annual SBA testing in our schools. Last year, I posted a cheer at one school that said, “Hey, hey SBA, eat good, sleep, score high today.”
A parent later complained because it wasn’t grammatically correct. It should have said well and not good.
My goal is just to help parents realize in a fun way, that our children may be having an added stress to their week and we need to step up our game on the basics.

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