It’s more than just a workplace

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By Kirsten Laskey

The workplace can be more than the cubicle you sit at for eight hours a day.

It can mean more than the coffee pot that burns coffee or the ‘to-do’ basket that never empties.

Co-workers  can become a second family.

They rejoice for your successes and when trouble arrives, these non-blood family members have your back.

For instance, when Los Alamos National Bank employee Bianca Archuleta’s son, Alejandro, 4, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, her co-workers sprang into action.

On Sept. 23, a table was set up in the bank lobby to collect money to purchase raffle tickets for everything from handmade clocks to gift certificates to local restaurants.

The raffle will be held again from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Wednesday.

Tickets cost $1 and all proceeds will go toward Alejandro’s medical expenses.

LANB employees are not stopping there. In addition to the raffle, a benefit spaghetti dinner will be held from noon-7 p.m. Saturday at the Posse Lodge. Plus, a silent auction featuring a plane ride from Gary Cavasos will be held.

Paula Olson of LANB loans explained when the bank employees learned that Archuleta and her husband, Pete, were dealing with their son’s illness, “the employees got together and decided to do whatever we could to help them with the medical funds.”

She added, “This is such a close-knit family … it seems like when one of us is hurting, everyone bands together. It’s amazing (how) the employees band together.”

Many others outside LANB have also jumped to help out. For instance, an Albuquerque band, Siempre Con Amor and the Mudd Band donated their time to perform during the dinner.

Furthermore, Olson said they had received so many donations that they decided to hold the raffle.

“I think Los Alamos is a warm-hearted city, It seems like a city that comes out to help you,” Olson said.

The generosity is also appearing in LANB Santa Fe branches. Raffle tickets are being sold there and Olson said several Santa Fe businesses have donated to the cause. Tickets for the dinner cost $10 and $7 for children age 11 and younger.

They can be purchased either at LANB or at the door.