It is time to do the right thing

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By Ralph Damiani

There is a question for the Legislature – can you really pick and choose morality?


It seems that most of those who voted against legislation allowing homosexuals and other couples to form domestic partnerships stated there were moral issues with the matter.


So the bill failed in the Senate Judiciary Committee on a tie vote.


That is really a shame as this is an issue of fairness, not morality. It is an issue of equality. Now, if legislators want to make a moral determination, so be it – no matter how wrong that may be in this case.


But here comes our question – this same Legislature has endorsed legislation that takes a decades-old law criminalizing abortion off the books and ensures the continued right of New Mexico women to obtain abortions.


Now, while there may be moral issues with abortion, it is something not to be advocated in making it illegal. The majority has spoken on this.


But if one is going to say that morality dictates that domestic partnerships are to be opposed, then how do you then say that abortion is OK?


If your guide is morality, then you can’t support abortion.


There is the confusion.


There is no way that abortion should be made illegal. No matter if you like it or not, a person should have the right to make that choice for themselves without governmental interference. And the same should apply to domestic partnerships. That should be a choice for people to make for themselves, without governmental interference.


Right is right and the Legislature’s killing of domestic partnership rights is wrong.


The bill in the Legislature would give certain unmarried couples – homosexual or heterosexual – the same legal protections and benefits as married couples.


Opponents say it would, in effect, legally recognize gay marriage.


To which a person can say, so what? This is something whose time has come in New Mexico.