Ironing things out

 This was kind of depressing: the good ol’, trusty iron, one of the original tokens in the ageless board game of greed and humiliating your competitors, Monopoly, has been voted out.

The news broke this morning. I started playing a little dirge in my head immediately after I read it.

In the iron’s stead will be a cat. Yes, a cat.

Fans of the classic board game voted in an online poll which piece would stay and which piece would go. I guess it’s not that surprising that the cat won. I bet half the voters in the online poll had a second window open watching funny feline videos on YouTube.

I guess if one of the pieces had to go, the iron was one of the better choices. It came down to it, the boot and the wheelbarrow. I often use the wheelbarrow as my token and the boot comes in really handy when you go bankrupt and have nothing else to eat.

By the by, the Scottie Dog, my sister’s favorite token, won the online poll. The race car, my brother’s favorite token, finished strong in the poll as well.

The race car has always been bad luck for me and I tend to steer clear of it. I usually rotate between the wheelbarrow, top hat and, once in a blue moon, the battleship.

I personally would’ve voted the thimble off the island, because, really, who uses a thimble anymore?

But a cat? Really? What’s the next new piece going to be, Monopoly fans? The Gangnam Style Guy?