Interns facing housing shortage

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Call goes out to community for spare rooms

By Carol A. Clark

Many of the thousand or more students who flood Los Alamos every summer to intern at Los Alamos National Laboratory encounter a lack of student housing.

UNM-Los Alamos has 64 efficiency apartments on 9th Street. Housing coordinator Betsey Suarzo said this morning all 64 units are already rented.

Jeanne Bridge of Plateau Property Management, which owns and manages three apartment complexes and a mobile home park in Los Alamos describes a similar situation.

“We stopped taking names for our waiting list in early April after it reached about 35 students,” Bridge said.

Brian Kiedrowski interned several summers at the lab before graduating from the University of Wisconsin at Madison with a doctorate degree in nuclear engineering last fall. He is now a Technical Staff Member.

“I’ve been a student intern coming out here since 2006 and during that time I’ve heard of many students having problems finding housing and I’ve encountered problems myself,” he said. “I’m chair of LANL’s Student Association and our goal is to help students.”

Up until a few years ago LANL had a Web site dedicated to student housing but both funding and talent to run the site went away, he said. Students are typically directed to search Virtual Los Alamos or Craig’s List but those site don’t appear to be of much help, according to students.

Kiedrowski created a dedicated student housing Web site a few days ago to help ease the situation. He hopes home owners will consider renting out a guest room to a summer student. Anyone interested can visit his Web site, which has direction for posting rooms and entire houses as well as a place for students to find roommates to share expenses.  

“It’s been a persistent problem for students to find housing over the years and anything the community can do to help would be greatly appreciated,” he said.

To post a room for rent or to find a room or find a roommate, visit http://studenthousinglanl.proboards.com.

The Undergraduate Student (UGS) Program at LANL offers summer, part-time and full-time appointments for undergraduate students. The program provides students with relevant research experience while they are pursuing an undergraduate degree.

This educational program is designed to complement the students’ education with work experience related to their chosen field of study. There are appointments in both the technical and administrative fields.

Appointments are available for 90-day summer internships with the option to continue working part-time during the academic year. Maximum years in the program are six  years for those pursuing a bachelor’s degree and three years maximum for those pursuing an associate’s degree.